3rd Annual ZOMBIE RunWalk

This article first appeared in the Resident Services Office Neighborhood News. The full newsletter can be found at: http://www.ldcha.org/rso/documents/September-October2014ZOMBIERunWalk.pdf(pdf).

The Full Circle Youth Program hosted their 3rd Annual ZOMBIE Run/Walk event on Saturday, August 16th. Over 75 participants of all ages came out to enjoy a morning of exercise and community. As a whole, event participants ran and walked over 200 miles. Two youth tied for the most miles run/walked at 10.5 miles each. The most active adult of the day walked 10 miles. Sunglasses, wrist bands and sunscreen from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment shaded and protected ZOMBIE participants as they enjoyed a humid and hazy Lawrence morning.

Hailey Gillespie from Theatre Lawrence provided ZOMBIE make up and entertained youth with ghoulish games and stories. Local running store, Garry Gribble’s, donated shoe coupons and distance stickers so each individual could proudly show how far they had run/walked during the event. Nearly all participants completed at least a 5k (3.1 miles) with several participants traveling farther. Several members of Full Circle’s ZOMBIE Run/Walk Club that have been logging miles throughout the summer earned their marathon stickers by passing 26.2 miles run/walked.

Kansas Action for Children provided the hydration station for the event. Participants were provided a Pass on Pop water bottle for taking the pledge to pass on pop and other sugary drinks on Sundays. “One in three Kansas kids is overweight or obese. For adults, that number jumps to two in three. Passing on soda – and other sweet drinks – just once a week is an easy way to improve overall health.” For more information, go to the Pass on Pop website at http://kac.org/passonpop.

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