What are Those People Doing in the Pool?


http://wellcommons.com/users/jstarr/photos/2011/apr/4/211532/ You've seen it. There you are on vacation, sunbathing by the pool, and a bunch of vacationers start dancing and doing odd-looking exercises in the pool while an instructor stands on the pool edge and barks orders. These exercises and dances are none other than water aerobics. Now, I ...

Today's Workout

Susan Chase

Ugh....so I'm still feeling mighty sore from a combination of a deep tissue massage from last Friday which was followed by a significant amount of really good wine consumption. Next day, I attended my BodyFlow class like a good girl, hungover as hell but hoping I could power my way ...

How do we age "successfully"?

Lauren W

This morning, [NPR][1] reported on aerobic exercise improving memory in seniors. This afternoon, the [NYTimes][2] reported Ron Reagan’s new memoir, “My Father at 100,” has touched off sensational headlines with its suggestion that President Ronald Reagan might have begun showing hints of [Alzheimer’s disease][3] while still in the White House. ...

Walk Kansas helps you stay on track

Marilyn Hull

Do you do better at reaching goals when you team up with others who hold you accountable? If so, Walk Kansas is perfect for you. It is a team-based program that helps you and your family, friends, or coworkers get more active, make better nutrition choices, and learn positive ways ...

Newest Class of Recruits Starting NOW!!

Sean  Cailteux

The Biggest Winner Challenge has recently started its 3rd workout session, as of yesterday morning at 7am. Due to the group's ever-expanding population (as opposed to its perpetually-shrinking waistline), we have added an additional class at 7pm. There are few slots still available, so if you're interested in getting lean, ...

The Biggest Winner Challenge (Final Results)

Sean  Cailteux

After 13 weeks, the challenge has concluded. All of the commitment and dedication has yielded an increase in fitness, energy, athletic performance, and a combined weight loss of 64 pounds!! Kjrsten Abel lost 15 pounds, and her push-ups increased from 12reps to 40! She battled through some aches and pains, ...

BOGO: Buy One Get One Massage Free Special ends Thursday September 30!!

Laura Bennetts

Therapeutic Massage appointments available Monday through Saturday, Day and Evening. Certified Massage Therapists. Call 842-0656.

Social Security: Preserve and Protect

Laura Bennetts

Monday October 25th 6:30 to 8pm there will be a panel presentation about Social Security at the Lawrence Public Library Auditorium. Dave Ekerdt PhD, KU Director of Gerentology and Dave Kingsley PhD, KU Medical Center will present on current facts about Social Security and ways to protect our retirement benefits. ...

Local Weight-Loss/Fitness Challenge To Start Again In November

Sean  Cailteux

Do you or someone you know struggle with weight-loss? Do you suffer from a lack of energy? Do you understand that exercise is a necessary component for a healthy life, yet still find it hard to get up off that couch? If you are looking to make a change, then ...

More pictures from the Biggest Winner Challenge...

Sean  Cailteux

Here we are in the 9th week of this 13 week competition. And every morning the workouts are exhausting! There is no plateau, only constant improvement. We are losing weight, getting stronger, and having fun!.....okay, "fun" might be pushing it =) But true champions work hard, knowing that fun will ...

Looking for runners

Jonathan Kealing

Can you help [Bert Nash][1] get 1,000 runners for its [Bert Nash Dash][2] 5K and 10K coming up on Oct. 9? If that many runners and walkers sign up, Bert Nash will be able to generate so much more money to put toward its core mission: helping our community. [1]: ...

"DISCOVER WELLNESS" DAY - September 16th 6-7:30pm

Sean  Cailteux

Come join us at our annual "Discover Wellness" event next Thursday. Have some food, play some games, and learn more about our upcoming **BIGGEST WINNER CHALLENGE** set to begin in November!! http://wellcommons.com/users/seancailteux/photos/2010/sep/2/197860/

Look what LiveWellOmahaKids.org did!

Jane Stevens

These great videos, produced by [SKAR Advertising][1] in Omaha for [LiveWellOmahaKids.org][2] and the [54321Go!][3] project. For elementary school kids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5L5vZkeVjb4 For teens: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV1BXfBM1FU [1]: http://www.skar.com/ [2]: http://www.livewellomahakids.org/index2.html [3]: http://www.54321go.org/index.html

Two city rec center gyms to close for maintenance for three days

Caroline Trowbridge

These two gyms will be closed -- but the Community Building at 11th and Vermont streets still will be open to the public. Gymnasiums at two recreation centers will close for three days next week for maintenance. The gyms at the East Lawrence Recreation Center and the Holcom Park Recreation ...

Visualize Your Goal, Visualize Your Body

Kris Beckland

A Scale Down Challenge participant (let's call her Mera) shared an intriguing story with me the other week about body image. Mera asked me to consider writing a blog about it, but I was reluctant to do so. Don't get me wrong, I am fascinated by women's issues and feminist ...

All Wheat Is Not Created Equal

Kris Beckland

For the longest time I couldn't understand why there were so many variations of bread at the grocery store. Enriched white, wheat, heart healthy, whole wheat, 7 grain. It was a baffling aisle to me and I try to shop on a budget, so I always deferred to the generic ...

Nash Dash 5K and 10K almost here!

Lauren W

Recognizing that being healthy and active contributes to good mental health, the Nash Dash, which has been a great community race since 2002, the Bert Nash Center is stepping things up a notch with certified 5K & 10K races that will start and finish in historic downtown Lawrence. And it ...

Magic Pill? More Like Tragic Pill

Kris Beckland

A window popped up on my internet browser the other day. It promised me I could earn $12,000 a month working from home. It gave me testimonials from working class people who had already tried this fail-safe system. For instance, Debbie the stay-at-home mom did it to supplement her husband's ...

The Challenge Begins!!

Sean  Cailteux

The day was July 19th. As the sun began its gradual ascension into the early morning sky, three competitors found the will to leave comfortable beds, trading their soft, blanketed mattresses for the hard, matted floor of The Chiropractic Experience yoga studio. The fourth competitor, having just completed a night ...

Going Nonprofit

Raymond Munoz

[On The Road Fitness][1] was just registered as a nonprofit organization with the State of Kansas! I'm hoping to file the 501(c)3 soon with the IRS. After losing 90 pounds and fighting obesity all my life, I've decided that fitness coaching should not be a luxury, limited only to those ...

Is Exercise the Best Drug for Depression?

Sean  Cailteux

Research has shown again and again that patients who regularly follow an exercise regimen see improvement in their depression -- improvements comparable to that of those treated with medication. Exercise not only relieves depressive symptoms but also appears to **prevent them from recurring.** And unlike medication, exercise has **no negative ...

List of 2010 fun runs and walks posted

Ursula Rothrock

We have posted our [list of fun runs and walks for 2010][1] in the resources section. Check it out to see which events you would like to participate in. If you know of any other run or walk, please comment on this post or the resources post so we can ...

There Were Some Exciting

Nick Lang

There were some exciting events over the weekend. There was the Horsethief 5k in Eudora and the Psycho Psummer 50k in Kansas City. Did you participate in any races over the weekend? If so, how'd it go? Would you do it again? What was your favorite part?

Interested in local runs or walks?

Ursula Rothrock

If you're looking for local 5Ks or other events to stay in shape and benefit a good cause, join our new group [Runs and Walks][1]. The group is dedicated to information about runs and walks in and around our community. Whether you are looking for runs to benefit a good ...

Sports Massage - An Important Part of Your Training!!

Sean  Cailteux

Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, regular sports massage can: - reduce the chance of injury, through proper stretching and event preparation, and through deep tissue massage; - improve range of motion and muscle flexibility, resulting in improved power and performance; - shorten recovery time between ...

Treating Shin Splints -- And Making Sure They Don't Come Back

Sean  Cailteux

[Whether you are a pro athlete, a weekend warrior or just on your feet all day, shin splints can strike at any time, causing substantial pain. Fortunately, there are precautionary measures you can take to prevent painful shin splints from occurring and/or get you back to full health if you're ...

One My Worst Habits In Ea

Susan Chase

One my worst habits in eating is what I call "sleep eating" which is basically me just filling my mouth with food and not having any idea what I'm eating, the calories involved or EVEN if I'm hungry or not. So, to help me combat this, I found a fave ...

Head for the Cure 5k-Lawrence -- 09/26/10 at YSI fields in Southwest Lawrence

Chiropractic Experience to host BIGGEST WINNER competition!..

Sean  Cailteux

Beginning July 19th The Chiropractic Experience will lead 6 contestants through a life-changing weight-loss competition, focusing on exercise, proper nutrition, and better lifestyle habits. This competition is open to the public, so if you think you have what it takes to be THE BIGGEST WINNER stop by The Chiropractic Experience ...

Resistance Bands: Yay or Nay?

Kris Beckland

When I was considering buying exercise equipment, an acquaintance recommended trying resistance bands. He also happened to be a personal trainer and the size of a small car built out of raw human muscles, so I decided to take his advice. I have used them for six months, and here’s ...

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