Kansas Half Marathon Clinic - attend the clinic, sign up for the race, save with tonight's early bird registration!

HCA Intern

Come to the club room at the Hy-Vee on Clinton Parkway at 5:30 pm tonight for the Kansas Half Marathon Clinic. You can learn how to properly replace your fluids and electrolytes after a run as well as how to incorporate sprint training in your preparation for the half marathon. ...

Kansas Half Marathon clinic: replacing your fluids and electrolytes, using sprint training to prepare for race

HCA Intern

Come to the Hy-Vee on Clinton Parkway at 5:30 pm tomorrow (Tuesday 3/19) to learn more at the Kansas Half Marathon clinic. The clinic will be held in the club room. Plus, you will have the opportunity to sign up for the KHM at the early bird rate! http://wellcommons.com/users/photos/2013/mar/18/251474/

As I See Fit: Have yourself a merry little workout

Katie Bean

Have you signed up for the Glow Run?

HCA Intern

http://wellcommons.com/users/photos/2012/oct/25/243612/ Sign up to run or walk the Glow Run 5k today! Proceeds benefit Health Care Access Clinic. Click [here][1] to register. [1]: http://www.glowrun5k.com/ku.html

As I See Fit: Pay to play is about balancing indulgences

Jennifer Osborn

http://wellcommons.com/photos/2012/jul/09/237436/ Summer is all about guilty pleasures. I don't know if it is simply the endless sun or the days that seem to flow along in a more relaxed manner, but there is something about the advent of the sweltering heat that suddenly makes it seem OK to eat the ...

As I See Fit — Taking the lunge

Jennifer Osborn

I've said it a hundred times, and I'll say it again: I am a huge fan of workouts and workout moves that require little or no equipment. As a trainer and fitness instructor, I've seen workout fads come and go over the years. We all have. But if there is ...

Exercise Can Be Fun!

Michelle Derusseau

I only started "running" two years ago. I say "running" because try as I may, runners would not consider what I do running. I either settle into a wog (walk/jog combo) pace or I run for a couple minutes and then walk, then run again, then walk again, on and ...

It's All About Balance

Jennifer Osborn

One of the most common misconceptions that many women have involves the erroneous assumption that lifting weights will make one look like a bodybuilder. You know you've heard this one before, and maybe even secretly believed it. As someone who loves lifting and knows what a great workout weights can ...

As I See Fit: Exercise plus eating well equals good health

Jennifer Osborn

http://wellcommons.com/photos/2011/nov/02/224051/ Last week a dear friend of mine sent me an email containing words that were a pure delight for me to read. She wrote that she had come to a serious realization. You may call it an epiphany, a revelation or an aha moment, but the meaning is still ...

As I See Fit: Planning for healthy lifestyle is the first step

Jennifer Osborn

http://wellcommons.com/photos/2011/nov/02/224051/ I think that it must be something in the water. Or perhaps it's an airborne kind of thing. I really don't know. But what I do know is that lately there are an awful lot of people running around, berating themselves for not going to the gym, for falling ...

BOGO: Buy One Get One Massage Free Special ends Thursday September 30!!

Laura Bennetts

Therapeutic Massage appointments available Monday through Saturday, Day and Evening. Certified Massage Therapists. Call 842-0656.

Nash Dash 5K and 10K almost here!

Lauren W

Recognizing that being healthy and active contributes to good mental health, the Nash Dash, which has been a great community race since 2002, the Bert Nash Center is stepping things up a notch with certified 5K & 10K races that will start and finish in historic downtown Lawrence. And it ...

List of 2010 fun runs and walks posted

Ursula Rothrock

We have posted our [list of fun runs and walks for 2010][1] in the resources section. Check it out to see which events you would like to participate in. If you know of any other run or walk, please comment on this post or the resources post so we can ...

Interested in local runs or walks?

Ursula Rothrock

If you're looking for local 5Ks or other events to stay in shape and benefit a good cause, join our new group [Runs and Walks][1]. The group is dedicated to information about runs and walks in and around our community. Whether you are looking for runs to benefit a good ...

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