The Charity Bounce

You can never underestimate the power of giving or KU basketball.

This summer, Independence, Inc. board member Mary Chappell donated a 2011-2012 KU Autographed Men’s KU Basketball to be used as a fund raiser. Mary is The Director of KU Recreation Services, and a very nice lady.

Now pay attention nonprofits! I learned long ago through my volunteer work with the Lawrence St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee that it is ILLEAGAL to sell raffle tickets in the state of Kansas. Really. We at Independence, Inc. are very fortunate that one of our directors (not me) is married to law professor. If you other nonprofits can swing that, I highly recommend it. I pulled the ruling about this off the interwebs and we fashioned the disclaimer that appeared on the tickets. So we accepted DONATIONS for chances to win this coveted piece of Kansas basketball history. Everyone here at Independence, Inc. was involved in accepting donations. The directors, board members, staff, transportation drivers and our volunteers. I was very pleased with the amount raised.

The drawing was at our Champions of Independence Luncheon which was held in July at Maceli’s. The winner of the drawing was Arlinda Smith. Ms. Smith is the sister of Pat Slimmer, owner of Slimmer Automotive and one of our Champions honorees, youth mentor and a very nice man. As people were filing out of the event, Pat who I have known for years came up to me with the basketball. “Arlinda wants to donate this back.” He told me. I was blown away. My head was spinning, and at that exact moment I mentally counted how many tickets I had left, how many more I should print, and which volunteers could help get them ready.

We had another event planned for later that week. That Friday was our Wine-Down Event at The Davenport Orchards & Winery outside Eudora, so I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to draw for this thing once again. So directors, board members, staff, transportation drivers and our volunteers sold… oops… accepted, accepted donations for more chances to win this bounce back ball.

So we drew yet another winner and this time is was Dan Huston owner of Danielson Electric, and a very nice man. Dan is paying it forward by donating the ball to the foundation that he volunteers for, the Hemispherectomy Foundation. If you don’t know that one Google it. They are a wonderful group that helps kids who have gone through or will go through brain surgery and their families. Dan will use it to raise money by “not selling” raffle tickets at his annual benefit concert, The Hemi Jam in December at The Granda.

So for those of you keeping score, Mary donated the ball to Independence, Inc, and lots and lots of people donated to enter the drawing including Arlinda Smith and Dan Huston. Arlinda donated the ball back, more people donated to enter and Dan is donating the ball back to another nonprofit. Who knows, maybe the next person that wins this ball will use it for more good. This is indeed, the basketball that keeps giving.

Independence, Inc is a local nonprofit organization that provides assistance to people with disabilities through advocacy, peer support, training, transportation, community education to live life independently. Brenda Brown is the Director of Development and Marketing for Independence, Inc.

The basketball that keeps giving

The basketball that keeps giving by Brenda Brown

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Marilyn Hull 5 years, 7 months ago

Wow! What a great story. It just made my day.

I wonder whether I would have been equally generous.....

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