Top 10 Reasons to Sign Up to Sponsor, Golf & Eat at the 2012 Just Food Charity Golf Classic

10: You get to be out on the golf course on a beautiful, sunny, crisp fall day.

9: Whilst out on the golf course, you get to play mini games to receive mini prizes.

8: You have a 1 in 2 shot at driving a golf cart. You've always wanted to drive a golf cart.

7: You will be served dinner by the wonderful staff at Alvamar. And the food will be really good.

6: Because your business name will benefit from those in attendance seeing that you support the mission of fighting hunger in Douglas County.

5: There will be a cocktail hour with free drinks. Happy hour will be really happy...and free.

4: Two words: SILENT AUCTION. None of the hibiddity, dibittidbitty stuff. It'll be quiet. And happy. See above.

3: Valet parking. At a golf tournament. Are you kidding me? We're not kidding. Someone will park your car for you...for free. Someone will unload your clubs...for free. You won't even have to lift a finger...except for getting a few bucks out for a very generous tip that will be given in full to feed those who are hungry.

2: Bill James. THE Bill James. Who is Bill James, you ask? He's some baseball writer who they made a movie about. Some guy named Brad Pitt starred in it. He'll be and in living color. You'll be extremely glad you came to hear what he has to say. Anybody that works for the Boston Red Sox, has had a movie made about him, and grew up in Lawrence is just fine for Just Food.

1: Because every penny throughout the day will be given to fight hunger in Douglas County. Just Food served 7,592 people in the month of July and provided more than 40,000 pounds of food FOR FREE to 40 agencies in Douglas County. That is reason enough to come and support the cause.

Sponsor a hole: $600 (includes 4 golfers, and 4 tickets to dinner) Golf: $125 per person (includes a ticket to dinner) Eat: $35 per person (we will release all tickets to dinner to those that aren't staying from golfing on September 1)


You'll be glad you did. Really.

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