Just Food 24 Hours of Thanksgiving - Generosity Piled High

One of our volunteers remarked Monday morning during our drive through mobile food pantry Thanksgiving distribution that she was blown away by the number of clients who she registered that were organ donors. Why? Many because they have nothing else to give, and if they can give their lives, that's enough.

I can't tell you the stories that keep us going during this week. I clear my calendar and I'm in the thick of it with our volunteers and staff, and we're cheering each other on. We're tired. Running on fumes. And it's stuff likes this that makes it worth it.

One of our senior volunteers was in Walmart with his wife last night, and was wearing his Just Food t-shirt. I will say this is one of our gruffest volunteers. He has a heart of gold, but I've never seen the dude cry. Last night, in Walmart, someone came up to him and said without him, they wouldn't have a Thanksgiving meal this week. He broke down. He broke down this morning telling the story. He said, "no matter how tired I get, I will never forget that moment."

Mind blown.

Other times, when it seems like we're super busy, the right person will come along.

Like the lady who said that she got up this morning because she knew she was coming to see her "family" at Just Food, and that she was going to have food to eat. She said we were the reason to get up this morning. That was an incredible moment.

Someone else brought their box back in today because someone within our social media network had invited them for dinner. They said, "I can give back because someone gave back to me." Profound words.

I can't say how many people have thanked us. How many kids have had tears in their eyes. How many single parents have said that without this, they'd be looking at an empty table on Thanksgiving.

When you can have that sort of impact on families to the point...wow. Just wow.

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