Just Food 24 Hours of Thanksgiving - Mister Bacon Becomes Thanksgiving Hero

Part of our mission statement is to be an INNOVATIVE leader in fighting hunger in our community. Innovative means to show new methods or ideas. Last year, we heard from many clients that they didn't have the resources (stove, proper utensils, etc.) to cook their own Thanksgiving meal, or they didn't know how to. So, we had a conversation with Jeff Frye from Mister Bacon BBQ and he stepped up to the plate.

Jeff's food is incredible. Some of the best BBQ I've ever had, and I consider myself to be a BBQ snob. That's saying something.

Jeff approached me a few months ago, and told me that his business wanted to donate all of the tips they were given at their pop up BBQ's to Just Food. It's very backwards for a business to approach you first, and I admire people that are innovative in their own rights to be able to help out whenever they're needed.

Not only did Jeff offer to smoke turkeys and chickens, but while he was smoking those turkeys and chickens, he's going to have some triple chocolate bacon brownies and have folks come, smell the food that's cooking and donate some tips to Just Food. This is going down TODAY at his shop at 9th and Illinois. So, if you're do nothing else, you need to go tell some heroes thank you for being just that.

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Brenda Brown 5 years, 8 months ago

Jeff and Valery Frye are two of the best people in Lawrence. Always generous and giving so much of themselves and their business. They have helped at Independence, Inc. as well. Thanks to Mr. Bacon and Just Food for their service in our community. Please support local Lawrence businesses that give back.

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