Just Food 24 Hours of Thanksgiving - The Real Heroes

Happy Wednesday afternoon to you. We have survived the rush, and lucidity is slowly returning. The home stretch is on the horizon. I liken this moment to the hours leading up to the sunrise. You know it's going to be absolutely beautiful, but it's not quite up yet!

Most people don't know that Just Food has two full time staff. Two. That's it. We rely heavily on the generosity of volunteers in order to do what we do. It's pretty remarkable if you think about it. This week, we've had a multitude of people come in and give time: KU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, ProtectionOne (here last week), our board members, our regular volunteers, and various people across the community that have made it possible for us to do what we do. They're working just as hard as the paid staff is, and not getting paid at all.

I have seen our team step up and become more familial than it ever has before. We have jelled another level this Thanksgiving season. We're stronger than we were just a few days ago...because people know how important they are to our success. And they know that without them, we can't be successful. To the volunteers who have given so selflessly, thank you. To quote a famous songwriter and the profound, life-changing lyric...our life would suck without you.

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