The Sea Turtle Egg Laying Season is Here

Once a Year, the Sea Turtles Come On Shore

The egg laying season is here for sea turtles in various parts of the world. I have always been fascinated with sea turtles - and I'm sure that fascination is shared by others.It would be a great study project for teachers.

Take a look at the following video from BBC:

Background on the Sea Turtles

It's amazing what sea turtles go through.

And here, in a news article from Thursday, Mar. 1, 2012 from India, are people who are anxiously waiting for the turtle's egg laying:

And here is the event from 2010:

This would also be a fun project for the whole school. How many different kinds of sea turtles are there? Where around the world do they lay their eggs?

I'm also concerned about how the internet has affected travel, including experiences like the sea turtle's laying of eggs once each year. Here is one correspondent's view of how the Internet has completely changed the experience of going to remote places, including seeing the turtles in Costa Rica:

I wonder about this. What do you think? Like the decorah eagles below, the internet does provide some intrusion. But on the other hand, it acquaints people with animals more intimately and the things that they do in their lives. I find that, using the internet properly, I am much more informed about the animal and nature world, and feel much closer to it.

I wonder if anyone out there can come up with a live web site for the turtles laying their eggs?

While you're at it, don't forget to watch the decorah eagles. This is a great web site for kids of all ages. They are going to have their first egg hatching very soon.

Image courtesy of the BBC

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