9 Year Old Girl's Blog causes big changes in the food served at school

A Nine Year Old's Blog - and the Changes It Can Make

I am astonished! A 9 year old girl in Scotland has created a blog, and as a result, she has completely changed the food in her school.

She has also received pictures of other children's school lunches from throughout the world.

Take a look for yourself:


She rated food on its healthiness, taste, and pieces of hair. She also rated the food on her food-o-meter, number of mouthfuls, and courses. It didn't take long before her blog captured important people's attention, both in the school, and locally, from a famous Scottish chef called Nick Nairn.

The food began to change immediately for the better!

And she writes incredibly well.

At the same time, she commented on her class starting a club in order to provide healthier meals for Liberian school children.

What do young people have, in countries where there is enough food, for their lunches?

What about countries that don't have enough food or even water, such as Niger, where the school children can't even go to school because they have to go miles just to find water and bring it back home every day?

I keep talking about this, but isn't it time that every American class, in middle and high school, choose a class and school from another country? There is so much that they could help each other with, and they could learn all kinds of things in the process.

I recently posted a blog on the world classroom of the BBC. I don't think a single group in Lawrence was interested enough to pursue it. How could this be?

I have wondered... and why doesn't the Journal-World have a separate section for blogs by young people, from throughout the state? Younger people often ask things that older people accept without even thinking about it.

Why aren't their newspapers, when they have them, online in a separate section?

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Marada Dee 5 years, 11 months ago

Nice article - the little girl's blog is really great! Google "children's online newspaper". There are quite a few good ones. I think if you want to help schools reach out to children in poor countries, try going to private schools like Montessori where they teach social action, and encourage the kids to raise money themselves on the school campus for good causes. The public schools are saddled with teaching to the end of year test to maintain funding, and don't get to teach actual subject matter anymore. It's all about memorizing lists of facts for the tests. We are losing a whole generation of children to this idiocy. You would think that the teachers' unions would send lobbyists to Washington, or at least organize protests.

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