"My hair is like your hair"

*An incredible kid*

Just to look at this picture is amazing in itself. A five year old, Jacob Philadelphia, asks the President if he can touch his hair. When he does, his response is "My hair is like your hair."


Today's society is very anti-touch, especially American mainstream society. This is not true in many other cultures, where touch is a common, everyday event, from Italy to many parts of Africa.

Somehow, we have to change this. Oh, I know, people are scared that their touch might be taken the wrong way, or be improper.

Other people are worried about the germs that they may encounter. Some people don't even want their kids to play outside.

And as far as adults are concerned, human beings long for touch. Video games and long hours spent at a computer are not a substitute. Many young people would not end up doing the wrong thing later in life, if they had touch in their lives.

And touch is entirely different than sex. In this country, the failure to make that distinction leads to many frustrating, difficult situations.

How can we change this?

That little boy, Jacob Philadelphia, may have had his life completely changed by an event, that to many people, is not even acceptable.

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Leslie Swearingen 6 years ago

President Obama is a wonderful man and I would be willing to bet, a wonderful father. You can tell that he is comfortable around children. His wife is very comfortable putting her arms around children, she even put her arm around the Queen of England. Her children asked the Queen if they could ride in her carriage with the horse and she said yes. I think the Queen was delighted with our First Family. But, as you say it is so difficult to even smile at a child as that can get you in trouble with some parents. I remember when it was the norm that if you saw a small child by a water fountain you would pick them up to get a drink. I very much like that the boy found out that their hair is the same. Maybe he didn't quite believe that a black man could be president and the hair made it real for him.

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