Two for Tuesday, May 8: The BBC hosts the world's biggest student assembly; and The Gambia, plus many other countries, presents International Red Cross Red Crescent Day

BBC hosts world's biggest student assembly. All teachers and classes are welcome.

For 24 hours, on May 8, the BBC is holding a world class assembly, and all classes and educators are welcome. There is an assembly kit to help teachers and students.

There are all kinds of online videos. But even more important, the assembly has certain questions to ask, and to have the students answer.

And the BBC would like to hear from your school.

Especially important are health matters and the importance of schooling.

The Gambia uses the power of music to celebrate International Red Cross Red Crescent Day

Youth on the Move is the theme for 2012 in The Gambia. We are calling upon young people to take action in one of three areas: (1) helping communities better prepare in the face of increasing disasters, (2) addressing health care in danger or inequitable access to health care, or (3) building a culture of non-violence and peace.

A strong part of international Red Cross day, held on May 8, 2012, is health care for developing nations. In the Gambia, the Red Cross has developed a Humanity Band of young people. This project involves developing the musical talents of young volunteers of the Banjul and Kanifing Municipality Red Cross branches.

There are 15 young musicians. Through their love for music, they will take the issues of health care to every part of the nation. We hope a little later on to have one of their videos to play for you, as well as some interviews.

They have participated in five campaigns, playing live music with educational health messages.

The band has participated in polio vaccination that helped to increase the number of people signed up to get vaccinated, and the number of immunized children nationwide.

Their musical message on malaria prevention increased community awareness for treated mosquito nets, as well as environmental hygiene.

Please see my post on Malaria Day. I think you will really like the African music, in this case from Chad and eastern Africa.

The following link shows Red Cross Day activities in the Phillippines:

And here are pictures of young people from all over the world, celebrating Red Cross day:

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