Event draws one million children - Mindfulness meditation research - a nurse shares the last days of her life - Swami Vivekananda's 150th Anniversary

Photo Jaipur 1885-1895 Ramakrishna Mission Delhi

Photo Jaipur 1885-1895 Ramakrishna Mission Delhi by Lawrence Morgan

Million children meditating in Thailand

V-Star believes that when a milliion chlildren are meditating, it can change them and therefore the world. It certainly seems to me that people of all ages, when they really start meditating (and there are many different paths to that) see their actions from a different light.

Perhaps, if all the children had meditated, the bullets would never have been shot in Newton, not even to think of so many other massacres around the country in the past years. It might have made a difference in Syria, the Congo or Somalia.

Meditation often helps a person discover the real reasons behind their anger or other feelings, and therefore to keep rage under control, and even change it.

For example, I am often hit with road rage - when a driver cuts in front of me and I barely have time to slow down. I know, for sure, that Buddhist breath meditation makes a tremendous difference for me, often lowering my blood pressure and changing my driving habits. I often wonder, as I see new killings on the news every day, whether meditation beforehand could have made the difference. Instead of their killers sitting in prison for a number of years, they could be out there living their life and slowly but surely making changes.


Scientific side of meditation

The scientific side of meditation has not been focused on a great deal, because science requires measurements. Here, in a really interesting article on the BBC today, is a look at the scientific side of meditation and its result on a person's pain.


When you are doing mindfulness meditation, many things that you say or think you want to say come out differently when you actually finally say them. The New York Times had an article today that is well worth reading and thinking about in this regard. Ms. Martha Keochareon is suffering from pancreatic cancer, and she has lived six years so far with her illness.

This was a unique opportunity for nursing students to learn first hand about cancer - in a kind of special mindfulness meditation of the whole body. The writer of the article, Abby Goodnough, interviews Ms. Keochareon and the nursing students from Holyoke Community College, below.


From Buddhism to Hinduism: Swami Vivekananda's 150th anniversary

And lastly, the following is a memorial today of Swami Vivekananda's 150th anniversary of bringing meditation to the west. We are going from Buddhism (above) to Hinduism (below). The value of his work is tremendous.


The announcements which follow are from the Vivekananda House yearlong celebrations for this next year, plus the first 3D movie of Vivekananda,'s Life, Chennai, India.


Please share any thoughts you may have.

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Marada Dee 5 years, 4 months ago

My first yoga teacher was a first grade teacher and had kids do simple yoga when the class got too wound up. She really noticed how much it helped the kids' concentration and sense of well-being. I have become a much more even tempered person from meditation. I agree that it would be great for kids everywhere to learn this. Great article on the nurse who helped nursing students to understand hospice. It's such a powerful thing to do hospice and face another's death. Really amazing!

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