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Super moon - Saturday evening, May 5, 2012! - Now including views from around the world

Tell the kids to watch the super moon

Just as I was about ready to post this, the Journal World came out with a story from the Associated Press on the super moon. But I'm including this post anyway, for a number of reasons.

By the way, I think the time is wrong on the Associated Press post - that is eastern time. I think it's on May 5, 2012, 10:34 pm, Central Daylight time, instead of 11:34 pm. But I could be wrong.

I hope you didn't miss it. But if you did, there are many pictures below.

Here is another article with more pictures from throughout the world of the super moon:

Next, here's the Los Angeles Times story, which came out yesterday. It's a general view of what the super moon entails. This includes a wonderful video which tells the story:,0,3480096.story

And there's another video which is very important:

In medieval times - in fact, since the human being was first on the earth - there have been countless stories about what could happen to people during these super moons. Their health was disrupted, there were floods, people suffered all sorts of problems. Positive things happened to people, as well.

I would appreciate it if you would share any stories that you may have. Perhaps your grand parents told stories that they thought were true, or from legend.

The moon has always affected people's health throughout the world. This country is no exception.

I would also appreciate your sharing special songs and videos about the moon.

Here is the Clarence Clearwater Revival:

If you have a better version, please put it in the comments.

And, on the opposite side of the spectrum, here is the beautiful opera song by Dvorak:

First, by Anna Netrebko:

And then by Renee Fleming:

There must be great songs about the moon in all languages.

Do you have a song about the moon that is special to you?