Business Case for Breastfeeding training offered to area employers

The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department will host a free training on how to become a breastfeeding-friendly workplace. The “Business Case for Breastfeeding,” for local employers and human resource directors, will be from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, May 18 at the Community Health Facility, 200 Maine St. in Lawrence.

Employers participating in this training will be eligible to receive grant dollars to set up a worksite lactation room. The training is pre-approved for one hour of certification credit by the HR Certification Institute.

Supporting breastfeeding employees is pivotal to a company’s family-friendly platform with proven financial benefits to businesses. Just some of the proven employer benefits are:

  • Fewer sick days taken by employees for children’s illnesses- One-day absences to care for sick children occur more than twice as often for mothers of formula-fed infants.
  • Fewer insurance claims- When mother and baby are healthier, that equals fewer doctor or hospital visits and fewer prescription claims for the insurance provider.
  • Increased employee job satisfaction- A supportive work environment increases productivity and morale among employees. Many women feel that support from their employer helps make the transition back to work easier and may choose to return from maternity leave sooner.
  • Positive public relations- Providing a supportive environment for breastfeeding improves your overall company image. Many companies with support programs receive recognition and media attention — a positive boost to recruitment efforts and general goodwill in the community.

Breastfeeding-friendly workplaces are also required by law. The U.S. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has specific provisions for worksite lactation programs. The training presentation will address the law, needs of breastfeeding employees and practical strategies for implementing lactation support in any business.

Brenda Bandy, IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition Inc. program director, will present the training. Bandy is the program director for the Business Case for Breastfeeding, through the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition Inc. (KBC). She is a founding member and past president of the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition (KBC). She currently serves as the La Leche League USA representative to the United States Breastfeeding Committee and the area professional liaison for La Leche League (LLL) of Kansas. She continues to serve mothers and babies as a local LLL Leader. She is married and has four children, all of whom were breastfed.

Registration is required. To sign up, contact Jennifer Church at the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department by email at or by phone at (785) 856-5334.

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