Break-in at Lawrence Habitat home right before dedication

Broken window at Lawrence Habitat's 80th home, which is set to be dedicated on Saturday.

Broken window at Lawrence Habitat's 80th home, which is set to be dedicated on Saturday. by Lindsey Slater

Yesterday, I took a tiny field trip to our current build site at 1933 Maple Lane. The reason I rushed out there (in heels, no less) was because our construction manager, Mark, had just called our executive director, Tracie, to let her know there had been a break in.

Someone (or a few people) tried to get into our 80th home just days before its dedication. Once I got to the house, I realized that Habitat homes aren’t exactly easy to break into. Just a testament to our great volunteers led by Mark who build for months to complete a home for a family in need.

The “Habitat home wreckers” (my name for the person, or group of mean people) tried to get into all three windows on the north side of the house with a crowbar. They failed each time. They finally gave up and just broke one of the windows, opened it and crawled into the house.

The “HHW” then went for what is very clearly the laundry room and started busting in the walls. In my opinion, not that I’m a crime spree expert, is that they were going for copper. During my time as a reporter, this happens pretty often, especially in a down economy.

Nothing was taken and no one was hurt (since the family hasn’t moved in yet), but it’s a little disheartening, especially when the house is so close to being done and is set to be dedicated on Saturday.

The dedication will happen as planned, though! And we’re happy to have great volunteers that build homes that are hard to break into!

Damage done inside Lawrence Habitat's 80th home after a break in.

Damage done inside Lawrence Habitat's 80th home after a break in. by Lindsey Slater

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muddfoot55 6 years ago

What is the matter with people? Life is hard enough already.

kernal 6 years ago

Bet someone tipped them off and that someone lives in the neighborhood.

Rick Aldrich 6 years ago

That's the work of some low life scum bag worthless lazy non caring pieces of trash.

gbulldog 6 years ago

Habitat is an organization that tries to help people help themselves to a better life. This breakin appears to be the work of a deperate person, possibly addicted. Or it could be the s person who is mad because they were not selected for the house. When you have something another persons steals or damages, they have no inkling how much damage they cause nor do they care. However the legal system continually protects them and treats them far better than the victum. I had a truck stolen that was recovered out of State. One of the criminals was from Lawrence and her companion had been in a Missouri jail. I was informed by the legal establishment to "eat it" and "for get" it. I ended up losing over $5,000. This also occured as my wife was a life and death strugle fighting cancer.

Matthew Herbert 6 years ago

How Dumb do you have to be to not be able to find the copper in a house?

Ali Edwards 6 years ago

I'm so bummed to hear this, but I'm very impressed with the way Habitat is handling it. Great job, Habitat!

Radar Callaway 6 years ago

An idea for the next habitat home. Have someone house sit in the home until the new owners can move in. This would help give a lived in appearance. Another idea would be to put up curtains and install lights with timers. Maybe a radio, too. Even a dog would help with making noise when someone attempt to check the windows. This would entail a regular check up on the house when taking the dog on a walk. None of these ideas are fool proof, but maybe it would help protect the next home better.

Robert Baker 6 years ago

Glad to hear the vandalism did not affect the homeowner celebration.

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