Participating Restaurants

These restaurants have met the LiveWell EatWell criteria. Check out some of the tasty menu options that feature vegetables, fruits and/or whole grains. Encourage your favorite restaurant to join the LiveWell EatWell Challenge by contacting Trish Unruh at

  • Applebee's - Look for the under 550 calories section of the menu and Weight Watcher items. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are available on the side. (10/26/11)
  • 23rd St. Brewery-Tilapia Florentine, Sundried Tomato Salmon and Thai Chicken Salad(have the dressing and Thai sauce on the side)(10/26/11)
  • Bambino's Italian Restaurant- Arrabbiata Gamberetti, Turkey Swiss Sandwich (mayo on the side), Chicken Parmesan panini (easy on the cheese, no extra oil on the toasted focaccia.) Spiedini Fruit de Mare, Salmon Limone and Chicken Parmigiano (easy on cheese).
  • Bigg's Barbeque-Bigg Chicken Sandwich(skip the bacon), Smoked Turkey Sandwich on a whole wheat bun, grilled Salmon Sandwich, Veggie burger, Grill Salmon entree, choose a side of green beans, steamed broccoli or corn on the cob,(ask for butter on the side) or salad with dressing on the side.(10/26/11)

  • Carlos O'Kelly's- Look for the "Lighten Up" menu for Lite Fajita Enchiladas, Grilled Chicken Tampico, Charbroiled Chicken Salad, and Pico enchiladas.(10/26/11)

  • Culver's- Look for Culver's "Mindful Choices" with 500 calories or less per serving. Choose a Roasted Chicken Sandwich or ask for their nutrition brochure to select one of their many low fat soups (these options are high in sodium). Veggie burgers are available at the Lawrence store. Lemon Ice is a fat free option for dessert. (9/26/11)

  • Free State Brewery-Cuban Pork Sandwich, Black bean burger, house salad with locally grown greens, (dressing on the side) and Brown Rice Pilaf. Check the seasonal/side menu for seasonal fruits and vegetables. (10/26/11) -

  • Jason's Deli-Look for Lighter Side menu items. Load up on vegetables from the salad bar and choose Leo's Fat Free Salad dressing. Vegetarian and gluten free menus are available. (11/16/11)

  • Impromptu- Impromptu is open for lunch when KU classes are in session. For salads choose- Spinach-watercress salad or Greek salad, Sandwiches/Burgers- The Mediterranean, Wakame Turkey Burger and Blackened Chicken (without the cheese and mayo on the side). For entrees- Roasted Garlic chicken (with the sauce on the side) and Seared salmon with the shiitake-chipotle butters on the side. (8/8/11)

  • Ingredient-Build your own salad with a variety of fruits and vegetables choose the lowfat or fat free dressings. Have the Smoked BBQ Chicken or Pizza Roma but ask for a light sprinkle of cheese. Ask for the Salmon BST (without bacon), West Coast Veggie or Honey Wasabi Turkey Burgers with the aioli sauce on the side. (10/26/11)

  • Local Burger-Elk burger, Local Veggie Burger or new Adzuki Bean burger. Local burger offers a wide variety of terrific side dishes including- brown rice, quinoa millet pilaf, organic seasonal fruit and homemade applesauce. The kid's menu is varied with many choices. (10/26/11)

  • Mariscos- Smoked Golden Trout Salad (skip the bacon), Oven Roasted Beet Salad, Grilled Steelhead Salmon, Fish Tacos with corn tortillas (sriracha aoili on the side), Herbed Chicken melt (skip the cheese) and Herb Seared Haddock. (10/26/11).

  • The Merc Deli -Look for LiveWell EatWell Stickers throughout the deli. Any item identified with the LiveWell EatWell sticker includes whole grains, vegetables or fruits and are prepared using lowfat cooking methods. (4/5/11)

  • The Mirth Cafe- For breakfast-Honey whole wheat pancakes, lowfat granola with fruit, oatmeal with berries or build your own omelet or breakfast burrito with veggies and lean meat, Spinach and Pear salad, Harry's Chicken Salad, Chicken chipotle wrap, or Turkey apple wrap. Red beans and rice is a low fat side dish as well as steamed veggies and fresh fruit.(10/26/11)

  • Salty Iguana- Choose items off the "Lighter Side" menu including fish, quesadillas, enchiladas and tacos. (12/1/11)

  • Sandbar Subs at Zarco 66-Whole Wheat Wrap with ham, smoked Turkey, grilled chicken or hummus, add veggies and a thin smear of dressing, Algae eater salad, Sea Captain Salad or Beach Road Grilled Chicken. (4/5/11)

-Wheatfields Bakery and Cafe- At breakfast ask for a classic breakfast with fruit in place of hash browns and whole grain toast. For lunch look for the following sandwiches-Grilled Portabello, Roasted Chicken Breast, Turkey and Cranberry Relish, and Yamwich. Ask to add your own mayonnaise, vinegar and oil or use whole grain mustard. Select multigrain or whole grain bread. In the evening look for grilled or baked fish or chicken. (10/26/11)

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