Minnesota HyVee features healthy snacks in check-out lane

If you've ever been through a grocery store check-out lane with a child, you know that it can be like running the gauntlet.

Heck, even without a child it can be challenging. You are wedged into a space where candy and soda stand before you calling your name.

Now, shoppers at a Minnesota HyVee can choose a more health-friendly check-out lane.

If we had one of these in Lawrence, would you use it? What snacks would you like to see featured?

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TheWhirl 3 years ago

Yes, but how does this benefit major corporations like Nestle? That's what it's all about in US America these days.


Kris Adair 3 years ago

I have seen bananas close to check out before and have grabbed one on occasion.


OpinionsCount 3 years ago

Definately! I hate standing in line for that very reason...ya know, you've shopped, you're on your way home to fix dinner (so, now you're starving AND so are the kids!) and...WHAMMO! Candy Bars and Skittles smacking you upside your face, screaming EAT ME! EAT ME! Healthy snacks at the check out is SUCH a great idea...unless of course they'll be charging a buck n a half for a banana? Then maybe I'd just skip it...Just like the Candy! ;)


Erin Graham 3 years ago

ABSOLUTELY!!! Wonderful idea! LET'S DO IT, LAWRENCE!!!!


ajacobs 3 years ago

Indeed - PLEASE let this catch on!


Karrey Britt 3 years ago

Love this post! What a great idea!


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