Free Community Bike Ride shows kids how fun active events can be

Children speed to the finish line during the Kids' Bike Races at Sunday's Tour of Lawrence events and the Free State Brewery Downtown Criterium.

Children speed to the finish line during the Kids' Bike Races at Sunday's Tour of Lawrence events and the Free State Brewery Downtown Criterium. by Mike Yoder

If you've ever participated in a charity 5k or bike ride, you know the thrill that comes at the start from moving in a pack of people who have the same goal you have. It is exhilarating.

Saturday's Lawrence Community Bike Ride provides parents with a perfect opportunity to share this thrill with their kids. It is a noncompetitive ride where everyone can pick their own pace. And, it's FREE.

That's right, there is no entry fee. And if you get there while supplies last, you will get a really cool t-shirt and other goodies...for FREE.

The event at the Rotary Arboretum at Clinton Park (by the YSI fields) offers three riding options: a one mile easy loop, a three mile ride to the Clinton Lake overlook and back, and a ten mile ride.

You can start the one mile loop anytime that morning. The ten mile ride starts at 8:00 am and the three mile ride starts at 9:00 am. Registration is required, so you will want to get there early to sign-up.

Helmets are required. There will be some available, so come out even if you don't own one.

Lawrence Central Rotary organizes this event as a service to the community. The club also maintains the website.

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Karrey Britt 6 years ago

Katie and I are planning to participate in the 10-mile ride. Looking forward to it!

Lawrence Morgan 6 years ago

This is a fantastic event. In every way, I like this. It is free. It promotes the possibility of a one mile easy loop, a three mile loop and a ten mile loop. Families can take part with their kids. It is noncompetitive. You meet new people.

The only thing lacking is I feel it should be done every week during the summer! For those kids who don't have bicycles, volunteers could help to obtain one. The ride could also take part in different parts of Lawrence each week.

This is a goal worth working for. It is much better than sitting inside watching TV.

This, plus gardening, music, and computer skills, would be a great option for any family or single person during the summer. When both parents are working, or without cars, other families could help out.

I can't say enough for this idea and how it might develop.

Start out... once a month?

Marilyn Hull 5 years, 12 months ago

I agree that more frequent rides like this would be ideal. It is a goal worth considering.

Like everything else in communities, it takes a very dedicated group of people with the time and energy to make it a reality. I would love to hear from anyone interested in taking this on.

frank mcguinness 5 years, 12 months ago

Marilyn, you should make it a habit of clicking the links in your articles after you have posted them to confirm they work, as the doesn't due to a comma you inserted.

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