Video shows how LiveWell is helping to improve health in Douglas County

Heart Disease. Diabetes. Cancer. Respiratory Diseases.

These four conditions are the leading causes of sickness and death in Lawrence and Douglas County. In fact, they account for well over half of all premature deaths.

These conditions also hold something else in common, they are largely preventable. These conditions are “lifestyle diseases” that are more and more common mostly because of the way we live: sedentary living, poor eating and tobacco use.

The LiveWell coalition is looking to change that. Spearheaded by Marilyn Hull of the Douglas County Community Foundation, chaired by Nikki White of TherapyWorks and coordinated by the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department, the coalition and its 150 members are driving changes in our community to help all Douglas County residents live well!

Learn more about the coalition and how you can become involved by watching this 4-minute video.


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