2015 Market Match results for Lawrence

Market Match is fully funded for the upcoming season, allowing the program to stay at the current markets, while growing to the following community farmers markets: Clinton Parkway, Perry-Lecompton and Baldwin City Optimal Living.

Market Match is designed to make healthy foods at farmers markets more accessible and affordable to residents participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly called food stamps. The program matches up to $25 per week in benefits, so a family spending $25 in SNAP benefits would receive $50 in tokens to use. Results from 2015 include:

Cottin's • SNAP: $2,185 • Match: $2,416

Lawrence Farmers Market • SNAP: $9,183 • Match: $9,750

Cumulative Lawrence Impact • SNAP: $11,368 • Match: $12,166 • SNAP + Match: $23,534


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