LiveWell Lawrence reflects on 2015-16 Policy Platform progress

LiveWell Lawrence work groups recently provided progress reports on their 2015-16 Policy Platform priorities.

In November 2015, the LiveWell Leadership Team adopted the Policy Platform, which included a specific policy goal for each work group to work toward. The policy goals were developed after much discussion at both the work group and Leadership Team levels and eventually became a Policy Platform for the coalition.

LiveWell Lawrence 2015-16 Chair Eileen Horn said the Policy Platform helped work groups set goals around changes to policies, systems and environments that drive health outcomes.

“I think it’s really helped us stay focused on a few key policy items this year and has made us a more effective coalition,” she said. “It was great to know what each work group was focused on so that we could think about how to support each others’ efforts.”

Read the progress report here.


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