Just Food adds new commercial coolers

Just Food recently added commercial coolers through a LiveWell Community Wellness Grant from the Douglas County Community Foundation.

Executive Director Elizabeth Keever said larger, higher grade coolers were needed to handle the nearly 2,000 pounds of food recovered each day. Previously, the food pantry used regular refrigerators. “They were at 60 degrees all of the time because we were getting 200 people here a day,” Keever said. “If you open and shut those refrigerators constantly, the food is not safe.”

The new commercial coolers are intended to be open and have glass doors so people can shop visually to see what they want before opening the door, Keever said. “Most food pantries in town are stocked with canned goods, so one of the unique things about Just Food and its recovery program is people can get a box of salad or hummus," she said. "It stores some of the healthiest food that people are able to get.”


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