Lawrence school garden information

Here is the information we currently have for school gardens in Lawrence. If you have more information, please send a message to Ursula Rothrock or send an email to

  • Broken Arrow Elementary School: butterfly garden; contact: Mary Nell Gleeson, teacher, (785) 832-5600.

  • Cordley Elementary School: butterfly garden; contact: Sharon Ashworth (785) 865-2491.

  • Deerfield Elementary School: butterfly garden; contact: Julie Neff (785) 842-6354.

  • Prairie Park Elementary School: butterfly garden; contact: Kristin Leggins, teacher, (785) 832-5740.

  • Quail Run Elementary School: flower garden; contact: Laine Delfelder (785) 838-3437.

  • Central Junior High School: garden; contact: Ms. Hertz, teacher, (785) 832-5400.

  • West Junior High School: West Garden Project; contact: Lily Siebert,

  • Free State High School: gardens; contact: school (785) 832-6050.

  • Lawrence High School: vegetable, flower greenhouse; contact: Mark Rickabaugh, teacher, (785) 832-5050.

  • Corpus Christi Catholic School: vegetable gardens; contact: school, (785) 331-3374.

  • Raintree Montessori School: vegetable, fruit, flower, monarch, herb gardens; contact: Leanna, teacher, (785) 843-6800.

  • Prairie Moon Waldorf School: flower, vegetable, herb gardens; contact: Rick Mitchell 841-9105 or Katherine Farwell 841-8800.

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Marilyn Hull 7 years, 10 months ago

Thanks for this list, which we hope will grow over time.

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