"Youth Food Bill of Rights" On Board the Food and Freedom Ride

"Youth Food Bill of Rights" On Board the Food and Freedom Ride:

Food and Freedom Riders Carrying a Call to Action to Area Youth.

When the Food and Freedom Riders arrive in Lawrence this Friday they will bring more than personal stories of how they are transforming local food systems. Additionally, they will carry the collective voice of over 125 youth leaders from across the nation who helped draft a "Youth Food Bill of Rights" in Philadelphia just two weeks ago.

From July 27th-31st, 2011 over 125 youth leaders and 45 adult mentors from across the nation came together at the 13th annual Rooted In Community (RIC) conference. A primary goal of the gathering was to strengthen the network of 41 youth-driven food justice organizations in attendance. Activities included field trips to local urban farms, gardens, and youth-led workshops in community organizing and food justice education. Youth participants also engaged in a series of "dignity dialogues" where they worked together to envision what a healthy food system looks like from their perspective. The result- the first ever "Youth Food Bill of RIghts".

The Food and Freedom Riders have shared the document at stops in Olney, Illinois, Eupora, Mississippi, and Birmingham, Alabama- the jumping off point for the ride last Sunday. In addition to having 25 youth sign the document yesterday in Mississippi, another highlight of the ride so far includes meeting some of the pioneering members of the Civil Rights Movement. "We were fortunate to meet some of the elders who set the stage for the current movement for a more just food system" said Navina Khanna of Live Real, the conveners of the ride. "They were younger than most of us are when they were standing up to social and racial injustice through the Civil Rights movement. Youth have always been front and center in any social movement in this country."

Echoing that sentiment, a recent press release for the Youth Food Bill of Rights states, "We the Youth declare, demand and are committed to the following rights for all people locally, nationally, and globally. We demand healthy, organic, local, humane, affordable, sustainable, and culturally appropriate food for all people and especially low income people of color and low income people in our communities that are the most oppressed and hurt by the current food system."

The Food & Freedom Riders will have the Youth Food Bill of Rights on-hand during their Lawrence stop. The brown-bag seminar will also include a participatory dialogue about food, agriculture, and a brief overview of federal policy impacts on food and farming systems and the people’s movement for real food solutions.

Youth in attendance will also be asked to contribute their thoughts. "The Youth Food Bill of Rights" is a living document and we invite you to move it forward with us by engaging more youth and communities in creating their own demands."

What: Brown Bag Lunch; Interactive Presentation and Discussion

Who: Food & Freedom Riders

When: Friday August 12th; 12 pm

Where: Dole Institute of Politics; University of Kansas; Lawrence, KS

Cost: Free and open to the public

Local Contact: Brett Ramey; (928) 310-8059; brett@liverealnow.org

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Shane Garrett 6 years, 9 months ago

What a bunch of sillyness. The current food system, where one Kansas Farmer feeds 198 people plus you is not working? News, to me. However, organic, local, humane, affordable, and sustainable are words that do not work well together when trying to feed the masses. I say get a clue.

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