Whole Foods will label all genetically modified foods

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Whole Foods will label all genetically modified foods

The New York Times has just announced that Whole Foods will label all genetically-modified food.

In November 2012, I wrote that Whole Foods, in their San Francisco Haight store (right across from Golden Gate Park) had a large billboard which indicated that they supported Proposition 37. Unfortunately, I tried to obtain a copy of the photograph, but I cold not - even though they looked for me.

I wrote an earlier blog on Proposition 37, which was defeated in November 2012 in California. The vote against Proposition 37 was heavily lobbied by seed companies (Dow or Monsanto, for example) and food manufacturers.


and here is an article in more depth which came out in the last few days:


GMO foods generally do not reduce the amount of pesticides applied in the field

As far as pesticides go, genetically modified foods do not reduce the amount of pesticides applied.


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What might be taking place in your body and in the environment

Perhaps you are wondering what might be taking place with genetic modified foods inside your body and in the air you breathe. Read the following:


Here is the New York Times article on Whole Foods.


Here is one article from a parent - and there are many more

Here is an article from one parent:


As Gary Hirshberg of the Just Label It campaign says, this is a "game-changer."

"He compared the potential impact of the Whole Foods announcement to Wal-Mart Stores' decision several years ago not to sell milk from cows treated with growth hormone. Today, only a small number of dairy cows are injected with the hormone."

What stores in Kansas sell genetically-modified food, or is there any way to tell?

(Probably not - because they don't label these foods in the store!)

Can you give specific stores, products and labels?

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Marada Dee 5 years, 1 month ago

I hope this helps combat Monsanto's genetically modified seeds that produce sterile crops that can't be reseeded. These hurt the farmer economically, and there is little alternative to them. And we don't get bigger or better crops from these seeds - they are grown so that they can resist weed killer (which reeks havoc with the ecosystem). I hope this labeling of food for genetic modification spawns a movement for heirloom seeds which can be reseeded and which are currently mostly available to home gardeners. That is what I use in my garden, and the garden largely reseeds itself. I also think the FDA should be done away with and a new agency put in it's place where people who work there can't then go work for (or receive perks from) the industries they regulate.

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