Looking to lose weight? Would you like to get paid for it?

We are looking for adults (ages 21-55) who are currently not participating in a regular exercise program and are interested in starting a weight loss and physical activity program.

This study is a 3 month reduced energy diet and aerobic exercise 5 days per week, followed by 12 months weight maintenance phase where you will be randomized into one of 3 exercise programs while consuming a weight gain prevention diet. 3 out of the 5 required exercise sessions per week must be completed under supervision in either the EBL (KU - Lawrence) or the CPAWM (KUMC - Kansas City) private exercise room. The room is equipped with state of the art equipment and a staff member to help guide you through the exercise session.

Please complete the screening questionnaire at https://research.ebl.ku.edu/ieq_power_intro.aspx

If you qualify, research staff will contact you.

•Location: Lawrence

•Compensation: $1000 over the course of 15 months

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