Where is Kansas and Lawrence with e-cigarettes? Second-hand (passive) smoking?

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E-cigarette smoking outlawed in major cities' public places

Major cities such as Los Angeles have outlawed e-cigarette smoking (vaping) in public places as much as possible. Click on the following article.


Where is Lawrence and Kansas doing when it comes to e-cigarette smoking?

It seems to me that this is the kind of thing that should be very important to the City Council and to fellow citizens. None of us should have to go to any public place where there is e-smoking allowed.

Also, when parents smoke cigarettes, do most of them really care about kids? Second-hand (passive) smoking is dangerous. Kids can't do much to change their parents' habits and to find a non-smoking area.


On the other hand, this article from Great Britain (published March 9, 2011) is incredible, or is it not? In a lot of ways, when kids are very unfortunate, don't have any role models, perhaps smoking at recess periods is good. Anything to make them at least stay in school.


So what do kids do when their parents smoke in the house?

What about kids smoking at school?

(As a disclaimer, I have never smoked in my life, but I've had lots of friends who have found it very difficult to quit, even after a heart attack!)

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Karrey Britt 4 years, 7 months ago

The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department, along with many community partners including Lawrence Memorial Hospital and the University of Kansas, is working to address electronic cigarettes and second-hand smoke. LMH, KU, and all school districts in Douglas County have modified their tobacco-use policies to restrict use of electronic cigarettes. LiveWell Lawrence has formed a new Tobacco-Free Living Work Group to address comprehensive tobacco control in Douglas County. The work group is still in the process of recruiting members and open to anyone. If anyone is interested in joining the work group, visit livewelllawrence.org.

Chris Tilden 4 years, 7 months ago

The Kansas Health Foundation is another entity, one with a statewide presence, that is vitally interested in policies to address second-hand smoke. In 2013 they had a statewide "Take It Outside" campaign. More information is available at:


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