Kansas Half Marathon Clinic - attend the clinic, sign up for the race, save with tonight's early bird registration!

HCA Intern

Come to the club room at the Hy-Vee on Clinton Parkway at 5:30 pm tonight for the Kansas Half Marathon Clinic. You can learn how to properly replace your fluids and electrolytes after a run as well as how to incorporate sprint training in your preparation for the half marathon. ...

Cordley Carnival on Friday Adds Wellness Fun!

Sally Zogry

http://wellcommons.com/users/photos/2012/sep/25/241740/ The **Cordley Elementary Carnival** is this **Friday, September 28th** from 5:30-8:00pm. Come enjoy **free** games and prizes, **free** inflatables, laser tag and hamster balls, silent auction, henna tattoos, cake walk and more! Global Cafe, Iwig Dairy and AirSummerSnow Shaved Ice will be selling local food and drink. New this ...

One Mile at a Time Finale Update. Almost here!

carrie mandigo

COUNTDOWN TO KANSAS HALF MARATHON: 6 days! April has arrived and the Kansas ½ Marathon is just around the corner! Are you ready?!? Think back to this past October (2011) when you ran the first mile of this challenge. Now, almost 7 months later, you are closing in on the ...

HyVee's One Mile at a Time Marathon Club Finale, Coming Right Up!

carrie mandigo

I wanted to remind you and/or let you all know about a great event coming up. The Hy-Vee Kansas Half Marathon is on Sunday, April 22nd. It's here in Lawrence and it benefits Health Care Access. New course and lots of new fun stuff this year. There are already about ...

Hy-Vee's One Mile at a Time Marathon Club 2011-2012!

carrie mandigo

The Hy-Vee One Mile at a Time Marathon Club is under way! The kick-off was a huge hit and we have 120 kids signed up so far. Remember, you can sign up for this club at ANYTIME by going to either Lawrence HyVee Pharmacy. What is the One Mile at ...

Hy-Vee's One Mile at a Time Marathon Club 2011-2012! Save the Date!

carrie mandigo

It's back! The Hy-Vee One Mile at a Time Marathon Club. Save the date! This community based marathon club will begin on Oct. 2nd with a kick-off event at our local Lawrence, Ks. Hy-Vee located on Clinton Parkway. The event will be from 3-5 PM. Details soon ...

Stickers for Students!

carrie mandigo

Any Lawrence elementary student participating in their school's Marathon Club or Boys and Girls Club Marathon Club is eligible to pick up a 13.1 or 26.2 sticker from GARRY GRIBBLES RUNNING SPORTS (839 Mass. St), upon completing that distance! Just stop in and let them know you completed that distance ...

Circuit training


January Calender


OMAAT January Newsletter

Alice Brewer


The HyVee One Mile at a Time Kick-Off Event!

carrie mandigo

http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/nov/24/203282/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/nov/24/203283/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/nov/24/203284/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/nov/24/203285/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/nov/24/203286/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/nov/24/203287/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/nov/24/203288/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/nov/24/203289/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/nov/24/203290/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/nov/24/203291/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/nov/24/203292/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/nov/24/203293/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/nov/24/203294/

One Mile at a Time Informational Packet

http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/oct/24/201115/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/oct/24/201116/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/oct/24/201117/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/oct/24/201118/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/oct/24/201119/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/oct/24/201120/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/oct/24/201121/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/oct/24/201122/

Registration Packet

Please print both pages and bring to the pharmacy at either Hy-Vee location to start your journey. Good luck. http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/oct/25/201154/ http://wellcommons.com/users/carriemandigo/photos/2010/oct/25/201155/

One Mile at a Time Marathon Club Kick-Off

carrie mandigo

**The One Mile at a Time Marathon Club Informational Packet and Registration Form is now available! Look under the "Resources" tab to read or print off the materials. You can also find this information on the Marathon Club's WellCommons page or go to your local Lawrence Hy-Vee Pharmacy (Clinton Parkway ...

Mile at a Time Marathon Club Kick-Off

Kylene Etzel, RD, LD

**Saturday, October 30th -- 11 a.m.** -------------------------- Start at Clinton Lake Softball Complex • 5101 Speicher Rd. Walking path at the “Rotary Arboretum” FREE FOR ALL KIDS GRADES K through 6 Join Hy-Vee for a morning of fun, exercise and help us “Save the world one mile at a time,”by ...

Welcome to our group!

Alice Brewer

Our Goal: To create a sustainable fitness opportunity for Lawrence area elementary students through development of a kids' marathon program that meets these criteria: - Promotes lifelong wellness - Provides students a sense of accomplishment, and - Creates a fun, non-competitive atmosphere for all elementary students who want to participate. ...

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