Health care law could be impacting Kansas vote

TOPEKA (AP) — Attempts by Kansas conservatives to tie moderate Republicans with President Barack Obama may be resonating with some voters.

The health care law championed by the president has been an issue in Republican primary races for the Kansas Senate because conservatives have suggested that moderate incumbents have not opposed it enough.

In Topeka Tuesday, Republican Kent Schneider, a 55-year-old retired state employee, said he voted for state Rep. Joe Patton against incumbent Sen. Vicky Schmidt mostly because he believes Patton is more opposed to what he called "Obamacare."

At another Topeka precinct, 23-year-old Derek Parrett, a casino supervisor, gave the same reasons for voting for Patton. He described Schmidt as too liberal.

Schmidt has used television ads to link herself with Republican icon Ronald Reagan.

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Richard Heckler 5 years, 9 months ago

When voters cast votes based on what Rep. Joe Patton is saying they should do a lot of homework first. Rep. Joe Patton is among the most uninformed in the state of Kansas. Rep. Joe Patton is getting his information from opponents and is not doing much research on his own.

Is Rep. Joe Patton noting better coverage Obamacare has provided plus will save approximately $84 billion over 10 years? Of course not.

The repubs have nothing on the table = neither improves coverage nor reduces the cost of coverage .

50% of bankruptcies are due to medical care in which the victims were employed and had health insurance.

Richard Heckler 5 years, 9 months ago

Let's Compare: Single-Payer (HR 676 and S 703) Expanded Medicare for All Vs. Proposed Healthcare

“Private insurance with Public Option”

Medicare Single Payer Insurance will save $400 billion annually. Physicians for a National Health Program

IMPROVED Medicare Single Payer Insurance for ALL would cover every person for all necessary medical care 24/7 to include:

Wellness /prescription drugs / hospital / surgical / outpatient services / primary and preventive care / emergency services / dental / mental health / home health / physical therapy / rehabilitation (including for substance abuse) / vision care / hearing services including hearing aids / chiropractic / medical equipment / palliative care / long term care

No deductibles / No Co-pays

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