Just Food & Health Care Access Collaboration

Health Care Access and Just Food formed a partnership to establish a supply of emergency food for Health Care Access patients in need, and to provide fresh produce to patients.

The emergency food supply consists of canned vegetables and fruit, beans, soup, protein bars, and bread. This food was made available after HCA staff members noticed some patients expressing moderate to extreme hunger during scheduled appointments. This resource donated by Just Food ensures immediate help until they are able to contact a food pantry.

The produce that Just Food donates to the clinic is accessible to all patients. The food is dropped off in the front lobby with bags to carry the produce out. The food is supplemented with healthy recipes tailored to the exact food donated that day since each weekly delivery is different in its make up. Donations consist mainly tomatoes, lettuce, bok choy, zucchini, eggplants, herbs, corn and peppers. Health Care Access patients love how easy it is to access this free, healthy food, and most of it disappears the day it is brought in or by the next morning.

For more information about the Health Care Access clinic partnership with Just Food, contact Elliot Johnson at johnsone@healthcareaccess.org

Emergency food supply for Health Care Access patients

Emergency food supply for Health Care Access patients by Madi Schulz

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