Health Care Access Renews Mission Statement

Lawrence, Kansas – October 2nd, 2015 - Health Care Access has renewed its Mission Statement.

The Board of Health Care Access has renewed and refreshed it’s Mission statement to align legacy, purpose and the rapidly changing times in health care delivery, according to Beth Llewellyn CEO. The board began this conversation in the winter of 2015 and wanted to assure adaptability to the times with evolution of public and private insurance products and as changes have negative or positive consequences for members in our community who live with significant financial limitations. Beth stated "One of the most exciting elements for me as a new leader is the strength of our statement regarding a spirit of collaboration and advocacy as we work for not only for individual but community wide health improvement."

The mission statement posted on HCA's website: "Health Care Access serves as a welcoming health home in Douglas County for persons with limited financial means. We create access to a continuum of community based services to promote health and well-being. Through an active collaborative spirit we advocate for healthy people and communities."

If you have questions Contact: Elliot Johnson Health Care Access 330 Maine St. Lawrence, KS 66044 Office 785-856-1672 7353/

Health Care Access' New Mission Statement

Health Care Access' New Mission Statement by Madi Schulz

Beth Llewellyn - CEO of Health Care Access

Beth Llewellyn - CEO of Health Care Access by Madi Schulz

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