2011 Relay for Life Teams - Add your team!

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  1. Walkie Talkie: Andi, John and more to come!
  2. Christian's Jayhawk Spirit: Amanda, Christian and more to come!
  3. Capitol Federal
  4. Sisters Huntas: Patsy, Dianne, Julie, Patty
  5. US Bank #1
  6. US Bank #2
  7. Bust'n'Buns
  8. Snorkelers: Jennifer, Erin, Megan, Katelyn, Kirsten, Mack, Connor, Tyler, Katelin, Amy, Duane, Amy, Mike, and friends! (This will be our 10th year.)
  9. SendOutCards: Lin, Wendi
  10. Wal-Mart
  11. The Antioxidants: Jana, Joanne
  12. Committee Strays
  13. Barb's Forget-me-nots (We've been together a long time.)
  14. GetJEFFed

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