I'm Not Really An Athlete

In the last couple of weeks, I have found myself asking other people “Have you ever ran a 5k?” The general response has been, “Hah, I tried to prepare for a 5k once, but I just couldn’t finish it.”

To which I can’t help but wonder, why? Why is it so difficult for folks to run?

Truth be told, I have never ran a 5k before. Runners have always intimidated me. I have never considered myself to be very athletic so I never believed that I could complete the challenge of finishing a 3.1 mile run, and I never wanted to find out.

But recently, my mentality has begun to change. This past weekend, I decided that I would embark on the challenge to train with a team of other community members to cross the finish line of The Home Run 5k that will be held on May 27th. The Home Run 5k benefits the families and residents of Family Promise and The Lawrence Community Shelter, a great goal to aim toward.

Like I said earlier, runners intimidate me. But showing up for training last Saturday morning, I felt encouraged. It is a great feeling knowing that I’m not the only one who wants to run to be healthy, but haven’t seemed to have great success in the past.

Beth Shepard, a Certified Wellness Coach for Ace Fitness, expressed the importance of having social support encouraging you while trying to maintain healthy habits. “Having a strong social network has been linked in multiple studies to reduced health risks, better quality of life, and even longevity. Leverage the power of social support to improve your training and increase your odds of sticking with it.” For the first time, I believe I can actually run a 3.1 mile race and feel good about it.

Now, I will be the first to say, waking up early on a Saturday morning can be difficult, let alone waking up to try to run. But this past weekend, twenty four individuals, including myself, showed up to set the goal to run a 5k.

The training is completely free and open to all people; especially if you are a first-time runner. This is a great opportunity to take steps toward a healthy lifestyle while being encouraged by social support.

As a team, we will meet together every Saturday at 8am, encourage one another and begin to walk/run towards our goal of finishing The Home Run 5k.

For more information about this training opportunity email outreach@heartlandhealth.org

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LilySiebert 5 years, 2 months ago

Awesome! What a great tool for beginning runners!

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