One woman's transformation a testament to Heartland's community approach

Monica* felt stuck when she started struggling to maintain her focus in school. She was 22 years old, uninsured, and felt like she didn’t have any options. She first heard about Heartland through an ad in the local paper. Even though she was hesitant at first because she didn’t know very much about Heartland, she decided to call and make an appointment with Karin Denes-Collar, Heartland’s Coordinator of Integrated Services.

“Once I called they made it easy and I no longer felt like being uninsured was such a hassle,” she says.

Monica started seeing Karin on a regular basis and Karin was able to teach her strategies to help her focus in school. Monica also started seeing Dr. Purdom, Heartland’s Medical Director, for her primary care, taking advantage of the integrated care Heartland offers its patients.

“They communicate well with each other. They both know what the other is doing to help treat you, so it makes the process easier for them and for you,” she says.

Monica has been a Heartland patient for more than a year now. She is doing well in school with only occasional support and her experience at Heartland has turned her into an advocate for the organization.

“The whole staff is pretty awesome,” she says. “Give them a call, make an appointment, and find out what services they offer that you could benefit from. You can tell they have great communication in their office because they make every part of the process so easy.”

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*Name changed to maintain confidentiality.

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