Congress Approves Histori

Anna Doktor

Congress approves historic health care legislation

Compare Basic Facts About

Anna Doktor

compare basic facts about medical care in United States and other countries:

Why do we need insurance?

Anna Doktor

And - do we need it? Although it used to be the norm, the idea of paying directly to a physician, lab or hospital seems totally crazy now, doesn't it? The expenses of illness are so high that we cannot pay them ourselves. We pay fees to the insurance companies, ...

Find A Free Clinic Anywhe

Shasta Zielke

Find a free clinic anywhere in America:

Handy Resources For The U

Shasta Zielke

Handy resources for the uninsured:

Feel Free To Pull Anythin

Executive Director

Feel free to pull anything from the Health Care Access Clinic group page and/or

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