20,000 kids injured by shopping carts; how to avoid injuries

It is estimated that more than 20,000 children under age 5 are injured by shopping carts each year in the United States, according to Safe Kids Kansas.

Falls are the most common cause of shopping-cart related injury in children of this age group, accounting for 83 percent of all injuries.

Tip-overs and children colliding with the shopping cart are other causes of injury.

“Safety precautions are important whenever a child is riding in a shopping cart, but especially for children ages 3 and under.”

— Cherie Sage, Safe Kids Kansas director

Ways to avoid shopping-cart injuries:

1. Never leave your child unattended in a shopping cart and stay close to the cart at all times.

2. If you are placing your child in the shopping cart seat, always use a harness or the safety belt provided to restrain your child. If you see a shopping cart missing a seat belt or the seat belt is broken, select another shopping cart with a working seat belt, and tell the store manager so a replacement can be installed.  

3. Never place your own infant carrier on top of a shopping cart. Use the infant seats, provided by the store, which are permanently attached and made part of the shopping cart.

4. Do not let your child ride in the cart basket, under the basket, on the sides or front of the cart.

5. Use the shopping carts that have a wheeled child carrier that is permanently attached and made part of the shopping cart. Some of these models look like cars or benches attached to the shopping cart.


Safe Kids Kansas offers tips on toy safety and helpful resources on recalls. Visit the story by clicking here.

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