Company inspired by KU research aims to increase awareness of best practices for caring for cancer survivors

A new company, which was established using research from Kansas University, will seek to educate health care providers on a range of issues related to cancer survivorship.

Jennifer Klemp, an assistant professor in the department of internal medicine and director of KUMC’s cancer survivorship program, serves as the CEO of Cancer Survivorship Training Inc.

As with most companies that were started using research from the university labs, the university gets to keep a portion of the profits. The exact percentage is proprietary information, Klemp said.

But, still, the funds that support her department and her salary from the company will allow her to pursue more research grants from the activity the company is using, she said. CST is the 23rd active KU startup company. It’s still small for now, though. The number of employees can be counted on one hand.

“We’re three strong,” she said.

The company will seek to provide continuing education for health care professionals using online and mobile resources.

Rob Bykowski, the company’s president and chief operating officer, said he will help with sales and marketing. He said the company planned to market the courses, or a package of courses, both to individuals and institutions.

Today, online continuing education for health care workers usually means a PowerPoint presentation with a voiceover.

“That’s pretty much what the end users said they hated,” she said.

Her company’s course offerings feature more simulations and interactive case studies on a range of issues cancer survivors face, including weight gain, heart health and fatigue.

Klemp said her ultimate goal is to help the well-being of cancer survivors in the country, projected to be 18 million by 2020.

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AllHeart 6 years, 8 months ago

There are so many issues that cancer survivors and their families face. And considering that statistics show 1 in 3 men and 1 in 2 women will have cancer during their lifetime we will definitely need more programs to care for survivors. The Cancer Survivorship Program is great news!

Bacal123 6 years, 8 months ago

I applaud the University of Kansas for their forward thinking in licensing their research & development in the health care field to entrepreneurial type businesses. This gives all of the students, faculty, administration and financial supporters of the University value added for all they contribute in their own individual ways. In addition to providing more jobs for Kansans', this new start-up company will be extremely beneficial for millions of cancer survivors all over the USA. Congratulations!

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