Winter - Hyacinths and Paperwhite Daffodils

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agardenforthehouse photograph by Lawrence Morgan

A good thing about winter in Kansas

When I first moved to KU as a freshman in Pearson Scholarship Hall, I decided to walk downtown (no one had a car then). It was after the first of January, and like a lot of people, I felt somewhat discouraged with winter, studies and the weather.

While downtown, without having anything special in mind, I went into several stores (Lawrence was much more diverse than where I grew up in Hutchinson). I experienced what I had not seen before - hyacinths and paperwhite daffodils, blooming in January.

I bought several of these and took them back to Pearson, where they bloomed for weeks. In the meantime, I had bought morel For me, this was a totally new experience, and it really helped get through the studies that winter.

But then I went into the Army and into life, and I forgot about them for many years.

I realized recently, when a friend was very ill, that somehow I had forgotten completely about hyacinths and paperwhite daffodils in the wintertime. I went out and bought several for her. It made her suffering so much the better just to see them on her window sill.

Then - a day or so ago - I found this video posted on the BBC. I had to share it with you. It may be that others, too, have never had this experience.

Another website tells a bit of the story of hyacinths in Europe. There are special forcing glasses, known for centuries, which are used to make the bulbs to bloom.

Whether you are male or female, hyacinths are very special at this time of year. They can make a joy out of studying, or for a person who is ill, for example, they can provide real joy at a very low price.

I found at Pearson Scholarship Hall that it was not usual for men to have hyacinths in the room. But later, other men got them as well.

They make a wonderful gift at a very inexpensive price.

The Doors

And although Hyacinth House by The Doors really doesn't have much to do with hyacinths, it also is a song I have long forgotten. Two versions follow.

First, the version from the album L.A. Woman:

And next a fantasy version, which I actually like very much.

Have you had any great experiences with hyacinths in the winter? Don't hesitate to share them.

naturaliststable photograph

naturaliststable photograph by Lawrence Morgan

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