Reputable websites for health & wellness information

Center for Disease Control -

  • Divided into several sections with subsections under each of these: Diseases and Conditions, Healthy Living, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Injury, Violence & Safety, Environmental Health, Travelers Health, Lifestages & Populations, Workplace Safety & Health.
  • Has downloadable handouts on a variety of topics. Reputable, up-to-date information. Several interactive tools and videos. Accurate statistics.

Health & Human Services -

  • Variety of information available including information on health care reform, Medicare, health insurance programs for kids, food safety, Gulf oil spill, the flu, autism, children’s nutrition and fitness, substance abuse, safety issues including domestic violence, and health at all ages and stages.
  • Links to other reputable websites. Also has downloadable handouts on a variety of topics. Reputable and up-to-date information. Several interactive tools and videos. Good statistics.

National Institutes of Health -

  • Information on most diseases. Current research. Information on health at various life stages. Lots of information on living a healthy life. Also has information on alternative medicine such as acupuncture, etc.
  • Links to other reputable websites. More downloadable handouts on a variety of topics. Reputable and up-to-date information. Interactive tools and videos.

National Cancer Institute -

  • Variety of information on various types of cancer including clinical trials and statistics. Good information on cancer prevention strategies including smoking cessation.
  • Downloadable fact sheets. Some of the information is a little above the average lay person understanding so probably need to preview before printing.

American Cancer Society -

  • Lots of information about cancer including specific cancers as well as a whole section on cancer prevention with good information on lifestyle management (smoking, nutrition, exercise, sun safety, etc.).
  • Website is easy to read and navigate. Has downloadable information. Lots of healthy recipes.

American Heart Association -

  • Great information on heart disease and stroke and related issues plus very good lifestyle information particularly focusing on strategies to decrease and manage cardiovascular disease risk factors. Good statistics. Wonderful recipes. Has a lot of interactive tools including risk assessments.
  • Website is a little hard to navigate around at times due to the volume of information contained on it.

American Lung Association -

  • Information on respiratory system and respiratory system diseases including asthma, tuberculosis and other communicable and chronic diseases. Lots of information about smoking cessation including an online course, Freedom from Smoking (there is a fee).

American Diabetes Association -

  • Very good website with great information on diabetes and pre-diabetes, plus strategies for prevention. Meal planner for those with diabetes which is also available in Spanish too. Great recipes. Print is a little small on some of the articles. -

  • All kinds of information about dietary guidelines throughout the lifespan, shopping, food preparation, weight management, dietary supplements, food assistance programs. Interactive My Pyramid for nutritional needs planning.
  • Links to other good websites. Printable handouts.

American Dietetic Association -

  • Nutrition information plus fact sheets on a variety of nutrition topics (also available in Spanish) including healthy snacks, weight management, shopping, food safety and breakfast. Popular diet reviews section. Tips and questions of the day section very informative, although archives on this now more limited than it used to be. Some interactive tools including videos.
  • Much of this website is members only but the public access part is good.

Mayo Clinic -

  • Has a plethora of excellent information on all kinds of health and wellness topics plus disease entities. Easy website to use - very readable and easy to navigate. Huge archives of healthy recipes. One can sign up for a weekly email with health and wellness tips.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital -

  • From the LMH website you can link to a good source of information about several common diseases as well as health information. Has a symptom checker and information about common medical tests, links to online support groups, plus lots of interactive tools. It is called Healthwise and can be accessed by clicking the tab at the top of the page called Your Health and Education.

List courtesy of Aynsley Anderson, community education coordinator for Lawrence Memorial Hospital

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Marilyn Hull 8 years, 1 month ago

The Mayo Clinic site is my go to source. Highly recommend it.

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