Healthy Holiday Eating - Don't throw out the sugar cookies just yet!

While 'tis the season for snowmen and wrapping presents, 'tis also the season for overeating and guilty consciences. But don't throw out those sugar cookies just yet! Patty Metzler, LMH Registered Dietitian, wants you to enjoy those special holiday dishes and treats yet eat healthfully at the same time!

As part of her free monthly Nutrition Roundtable series, Patty presented some healthy holiday eating ideas.

"Everybody is stressed during the six-week period from Thanksgiving up until New Year's," she says. "With the added stress of the holiday season, some people might eat more than they typically would or might not always have time to fix healthy meals. I want people to enjoy the season and all the food, yet make healthy choices. For example, there are healthy substitutions people can make while baking, like using plain yogurt or applesauce instead of margarine while making cookies!"

For more information or to enroll in January's Nutrition Roundtable "the D.A.S.H Food Plan" Thursday, January 20, 6:30 - 7:30 PM, please call Connect Care at (785) 785-5800 or log onto

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