With new chip, smartphones will be able to see through clothes, walls

A new development could change things forever

We MUST go to Congress now and work to have legislation passed which will give us privacy in the future. Otherwise, shortly from now there will be no privacy left in this country.

We have already had massive thefts of credit card numbers, for instance, often also with social security numbers.

But last night, researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas announced, in a presentation at the most recent International Solid-State Circuits Conference, that a CMOS chip, which can be made very inexpensively, can be hooked up to a smartphone, so that "you could put this chip and a transmitter on the back of a cell phone, turning it into a device carried in your pocket that can see through objects."

There are already a number of articles about this on the web which have credibility, including the LA Times (just out) and PC World, to give examples.

Otherwise, I would find it very difficult to believe.

For instance,


The message is clear and it is far reaching.

Medicine, for instance...

There are good things about this development. For example, doctors could examine patient's bodies for everything from heart problems to possible detection of cancer tumors.

It could be used for monitoring air toxicity.

Houses could be examined for studs and wiring.

Industrial equipment could be examined for failures. And these are only the beginning of positive things which could be the result of this invention.

The possibilities are mind-blowing.

But there's another side, much more sinister...

But there is another side which we have only begun to really understand. A person could be walking with this chip down the street, and (to be quite frank) look underneath each person's clothes.

Thieves could eventually look inside each house as they walk or drive down the street, seeing what is inside and what looks promising to steal.

This device could also be used for torture.

It has to be taken very seriously, right now, while it is still in the development stage.

Once it's out of the bag, technicians around the world will be working frantically to expand its basis, including in the most negative ways.

What is comes down to is: what do you want seen, and who do you want to have see it?

How can we insure personal privacy?

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