Women who found self-worth - how about Kansas and what about Men?

An exhibit in San Francisco opens today

Today, an exhibit opened in San Francisco which is about women who have gone from homeless to finding new worth in their lives.

It seems to me that self-worth is one of the ultimate concepts that can make a tremendous difference in a person's life, at any age.


But I have wondered ... What happens to women, and men, in Kansas?

What I would really like to know is what about men in Kansas? Do they succeed in pulling themselves out of homelessness, as well as women? How are they being helped?

I know, for example, one person in San Francisco who was sleeping on the streets some years ago. He is now very successful at his job. What is it that makes some people able to overcome odds, while others never do?

I had a friend in Lawrence several years ago who killed himself. He was a wonderful artist, but odds overcame him.

What groups in Kansas help these men?

How about women and men in rural Kansas?

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