As I See Fit: Exercise plus eating well equals good health

Personal trainer Jennifer Osborn

Personal trainer Jennifer Osborn by Richard Gwin

Last week a dear friend of mine sent me an email containing words that were a pure delight for me to read.

She wrote that she had come to a serious realization. You may call it an epiphany, a revelation or an aha moment, but the meaning is still the same.

After having been quite successful in adapting and improving her eating habits, her delight had turned to one of frustration and dread. She wrote that it was finally clear that in spite of her best efforts to lead a more healthy and fit lifestyle, it had now come to This.

She had reached the point that most of us, particularly exercise addicts, dread. She had plateaued.

Those of us familiar with this effect know how very frustrating and challenging a plateau can be. In spite of our best efforts, we are stuck at a weight that simply will not budge, no matter what we do.

Some of us resort to a more challenging work out routine. Pick up the speed, increase the endurance and really hit it hard; that's the way to improve!

Others, like my very dear friend, have now come face to face with the fact that even though the pounds may have been falling off initially, they won't be doing that consistently unless exercise is added to the mix.

Yes, that's the truth. And I am so happy that she has realized this because things are about to become even more exciting in her world.

And that's hard to do, because her life, especially with this weight loss, is already pretty exciting.

Introducing a workout plan and more physical activity to an improved and healthy diet is paramount to a fit and active body, which translates to a more fit and healthy you. We all want that!

I have written quite a bit about setting a goal, making a plan and finding ways to make exercise a priority in your life. I've given you workout moves to try and written about the importance of making physical activity an expected and routine part of your daily schedule.

Are you doing that? Because if you are, then I'm willing to bet that you are seeing the results of your efforts, however small they may be.

I've heard from one reader that she has picked up an old love, cardio tennis, and how much she looks forward to going. The fact that she has increased energy, is inspired to make healthier eating choices and can now wear clothes that have been too tight is quite the bonus!

I am so happy for her because she is on her way to achieving the goals that she has set for herself. And she seems pretty determined to continue. Cheers to her!

Another reader recently made big changes in her diet, joined a gym and is taking full advantage of scheduled workouts.

She will admit that it is not always easy, but nothing that we ever really want is. She looks better, feels better and her positive outlook is inspiring.

My point in all of this is that we must eat well and exercise often to attain our fitness goals. We must strive do better.

Healthy eating and working out are intertwined. One won't work without the other. So let's all pick up our game, and let's make it all count!

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Megan Green Stuke 6 years, 6 months ago

I resemble that friend. Thanks for your continued positive encouragement!

focusedonfitness 6 years, 6 months ago

We all need encouragement, Megan! You are doing so well. Keep looking ahead and don't dwell on the negatives!

focusedonfitness 6 years, 6 months ago

Thanks Marilyn! I think that we forget sometimes that the whole Health and Wellness approach has to be running on all cylinders to really make a difference in the way that we look and feel. Eat well, move more and feel better! Seems so easy, but it's those basic things that are just as easy to forget!

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