Local family wins $400 utility credit in Immunize and Win a Prize program

Because he received all his recommended immunizations before his second birthday, Carlisle Sanchez's name was entered into the annual "Immunize and Win a Prize" contest. The winner from each county receives a $400 utility bill credit.

Each time Carlisle was vaccinated at the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department, he earned a "prize," such as a thermometer, sippy cup or children's acetaminophen for his family's medicine cabinet. His parents also received peace of mind, knowing that he would be protected against diseases that can severely affect children.

The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department is one of several providers in the state that participates in the Kansas Vaccines for Children program. Click here to learn more about vaccines for infants and children. For more information on childhood immunizations or the Vaccines for Children program, call the Health Department at (785) 843-0721.

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Marilyn Hull 6 years, 1 month ago

I like the idea of a utility credit. That is something nearly everyone can use.

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