BBC World Class Emphasizes International Education This Week

International Education Week 2012

International Education Week 2012 by Lawrence Morgan

Use your class for world education week

This week, the BBC is using education and the internet throughout the world to foster "international education week." You can use your class and your school to take part.

Tuesday was "use your voice": "In Your School."

Wednesday is going to be "Use your voice" outside the school. Show the films. Register your class. What do your students have to do in their free time?

Thursday is "using your voice" to "take a stand."

And this Friday, it's "using your voice" "to be heard"!

It's time to use the internet as a major part of classroom education, and not just for books. There are many things to watch and many things to debate.

These are subjects which are essential for good health in life!

Teachers and students, tell us about your experiences from participating throughout the world. And let other teachers and home-study students know.

For example, here is a BBC film about a young person's life in a Gaza refugee camp. Click on the first video:

And here is a young Jazz pianist, who is blind, in Satora, Bolivia. Click on the second video:

And I wonder: what is KU doing? This should be a major part of education at all levels.

And here, for example, is a British ten-year old who paints modern art:

We need to involve our skills with young people who are in school, and to make use of their talents.

Teachers and home-school students, now is the time to get involved with one of the many positive world wide activities involving the internet!

International Education Week

International Education Week by Lawrence Morgan

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