The 2012 Paralympic Games from London - Days 4-5-6 PLUS The African Express

London 2012 Photograph

London 2012 Photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Day 4-6, Internet TV, and Africa's Heros

You can still watch the Paralyimpics on the internet - live television - and radio.

You can see live video from:

And you can listen while you work at radio 5 in Great Britain:

It astonishes me that in a town like Lawrence - where most people love basketball - there are no comments for London handicapped basketball games, and no coverage in the United States at all to speak of. Or is it only K.U. that people care about? There seems to be very little concern for handicapped people in this country, and that includes veterans (of which I am one).

The following article, from VSO, highlights this situation:

and another article from VSO regarding Rwanda:

The following is an ongoing story of Tutsis and Hutus working together, in Rwanda, through sport, to develop new friendships. There has been nothing of this type of article in the Lawrence - or to my knowledge - almost any state or national paper in America.

Africans are making their way forward, difficult as it may be, in both the Olympics and Paralympics.

And here are some of the great volunteers for the London 2012 Paralympics.

Day 4 of the competition follows.

Then, a full day on Day 5:

Day 6 held even more surprises:

The African Express has been expressly formed to go with the Paralympic games:

The African Express is in conjunction with the Paralympics in London. When you bring sports and music together, you have a great combination.

Why can't this kind of thing happen in the United States?

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