Douglas County CHIP Receives Kansas Health Foundation Grant

The Douglas County Community Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP) has received a $24,743 grant through the Kansas Health Foundation’s Recognition Grants program. This money will help support an initiative to increase cultural competency among Douglas County healthcare providers by offering training and technical assistance to member agencies.

The grant will offer members of Douglas County CHIP the opportunity to assess policies, practices and internal structures that influence cultural competence within organizations. This 12-month initiative occurs with the assistance of skilled facilitators focused on improving the infrastructure for organizations to deliver quality healthcare.

“We are excited to be able to bring these grant dollars to Douglas County to focus on this initiative,” said Donna Osness, 2013 chairperson of the CHIP Leadership Group. “It will enable us to provide additional support to the infrastructure of healthcare in our community.”

She continued, “We see this initiative as aiding healthcare providers and staff to ensure they are aware of, and familiar with our diverse population so that appropriate care can be given to those in need.”

Douglas County CHIP is a collaborative of 19 members formed with representatives of healthcare providers, community agencies and local schools that started in 1997 committed to improving health in the county. The members are Baker University Student Health Services, Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center, Christian Psychological Services, City of Lawrence administration, City of Lawrence community representative, DCCCA, Douglas County administration, Douglas County Community Foundation, Douglas County Dental Clinic, Haskell Health Center, Health Care Access, Heartland Community Health Center, K-State Research & Extension-Douglas Co., Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Lawrence Public Schools, Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department, United Way of Douglas County, Visiting Nurses Association and KU Watkins Student Health Center.

Recognition Grants expand the Kansas Health Foundation’s support to a broad range of health-related organizations throughout the state. The program is targeted for organizations and agencies proposing meaningful and charitable projects or initiatives that fit within the Foundation's mission of improving the health of all Kansans. In addition to supporting projects, the Foundation also seeks to support initiatives that focus on promoting policy, systems and environmental transformations that support health.

“Each year we are amazed at the incredible projects being done by organizations across Kansas,” said Steve Coen, president and CEO of the Kansas Health Foundation. “This grant program allows us to support these innovative and impactful community initiatives and recognize the groups and individuals making them a reality.”

This spring, the Kansas Health Foundation provided more than $830,000 through this program to help organizations accomplish 50 different projects intended to improve the health and wellness of Kansans. Using a competitive application process, the Foundation allocates up to $2 million each year for the Recognition Grants program. Application deadlines for the two cycles are March 15 and Sept. 15 each year. Any tax-exempt, nonprofit organization using the money for charitable purposes and proposing a project meeting the Foundation’s mission to improve the health of all Kansans is eligible.

About the Kansas Health Foundation The Kansas Health Foundation is a private philanthropy based in Wichita, but statewide in its focus. Its mission is to improve the health of all Kansans. To learn more about the Foundation, please visit

Google Images-- Douglas County agencies will have the opportunity to address cultural diversity in the workplace.

Google Images-- Douglas County agencies will have the opportunity to address cultural diversity in the workplace. by Janelle Martin

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Chris Tilden 5 years, 2 months ago

Congratulations to CHIP for receiving this recognition. We have a complex medical system that is hard to navigate for just about anyone seeking care. Promoting cultural competency to minimize cultural/language issues that pose barriers to optimal care is so important. Thanks to CHIP for taking on this important work!

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