Water and the Amazon - the essence of life

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The Amazon, Water, and Education

Many Americans, including myself, had no idea that the Amazon could produce "flying rivers" from the rainforest surrounding the river. The short film below, published today from the BBC, brings out new information.


I wonder if other large river systems, such as the Gambian River in The Gambia, also produce these kinds of "flying rivers" from the nearby trees - in that case, often mangroves.

Maybe that is true also in smaller rivers, such as in Kansas. We really don't know.

How much water means to a community in Africa is shown in the weekly video, "The Week in Africa," from France 24. You should find all of the video interesting - but the way in which good, clean water changes a farming community from Malawi is about halfway through the video which was posted today.


I include this in Healthy Body and Mind, because many young Americans think water comes from a bottle, or from a pipe. They have not begun to realize the real possibilities - what trees can do - so that human beings and animal species can survive. The Amazon, because of the surrounding rainforest, provides much-needed water for most of South America - and much of that water comes from the rainforest.

We should have serious thoughts about destroying the Amazon rainforest - which is now happening - so that crops can be grown where rainforest used to be.

I also think it is time to reorganize well-commons, and include sections such as education, technology and wildlife.

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Marada Dee 5 years, 2 months ago

Beautiful video! Thank you!

I wonder if we didn't deforest so much if the polar ice caps would have to melt to cool down the planet - maybe the recycling of vastly larger amounts of rain made possible by trees would cool the planet sufficiently? It is really interesting that trees both absorb pollution and also recirculate water. It seems like the solution to global warming is vast reforestation. The extra rain would also clear the sky of pollution. Why don't we hear about reforestation anymore? When i was a kid, they talked about that a lot. Did we stop doing this? I found an interesting article on the drop in usable water and the consequences of that http://www.fao.org/docrep/u8480e/U8480E0c.htm . Here is one on vast reforestation as a long term solution http://www.ucsusa.org/publications/ask/2012/reforestation.html . It briefly mentions that the Gambia, among other countries, is doing this.

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