Zach has died photograph photograph by Lawrence Morgan

No one in Lawrence cared enough about Zach or the blog to even make one comment.

Now he has died.

Does it make any difference to anyone? It does to me, but apparently no one else even read the blog.

I wonder - do most people read the blogs in well commons?

Do most people really care about other people?

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Marilyn Hull 5 years ago


Let me assure you that Lawrence is a VERY caring community. Lots of people read articles on Wellcommons, but very few comment. Don't take the lack of comments as an indication of our nature, our spirit, or our interest in what is posted.

Alice Lieberman 5 years ago

I agree with Marilyn. I did see the video of Zach on Upworthy, as I'm sure a lot of people did, and commented. In fact, a lot of my Larry friends posted stuff about this on Facebook. I also read Wellcommons. But I NEVER post. I just had to respond to you.

lecomptoncitizen 5 years ago

Beautiful music, beautiful soul. I'm sorry for your loss and our loss as well!

Kyle Chandler 5 years ago

Lawrence Morgan (if thats your real name)

Im not trying to be snarky, but i find this article very childish. Im glad it struck a nerve with you and as you can see it struck a nerve with others locally via social media. There are children locally which would actually warrant such a 'so and so died and no one cares' type of story (if we can call it that) Maybe you should spend some time in the child cancer wards in topeka and KC and rethink this approach, as great as Zachs story are missing out on whats right under your nose. A for Effort.

thin_mint 4 years, 12 months ago

Tone deaf and rather icky extrapolation from a lack of comments in a blog to an entire town not caring about a dying boy.

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